the passion of scrapbooking

Just be aware that because the results are always greats no matter how many details you put in it and you can put a lot of it if you want, scrapbooking could become very addictive.

If you are someone with a lot of imagination and who likes to do detail intricate work then I’d say that scrapbooking is for you. It is a wonderful hobby that you can do alone with friends or members of your family.

The great thing about scrapbooking is that it doesn’t require a lot of skill. If you know how to use a pair of scissor and a bottle of glue you will certainly be able to accomplish nice album that you will be proud of .Of course like everything else the more scrapbooking you do the better you get at it.

If you are an artist photographer chances are that you are already familiar with scrap booking, because you wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that a photo album is in reality a scrapbook. And it is far from a bad idea to add decoration on and in your photo album it is actually a very good way to start your scrapbooking journey. But like I said before be aware that you should keep a watch nearby because you will get so lost in your project that you could easily lose track of time.

Now how to know if you are at risk of becoming a compulsive scrapbook artist one way to tell for sure would be to see if every time you walk into a store in which they have a section where they are selling craft equipment you end up in that department even if you weren’t going there to buy craft supply that is a sure sign that you probably have a gift for it.  And in general if you like to put things together that aren’t especially made to be put together and in the process if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty and creating a mess around you. Then I can almost tell you for sure that scrapbooking will become a passion for you.

But ultimately, the greatest thing,  for me about scrapbooking is that you can do it and should do it with your friends and your family. It is for sure a great way to spend some constructive time with your children.  Every children in the world loves doing that kind of activity. And in a funny way, with their lack of good proportion and there not knowing how it should be done, they very often come up with the most innovative and fresh design idea.

Good scrapbooking.

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