Make a gift

It is not an easy thing to find a good gift idea for someone. But if you look hard enough you will surely find something to get you out of trouble. The best gift you can give will always be something you've create. If you took some of your valuable time and attention to make something original for someone there is no doubts it will be appreciate.

It could be anything from a nice custom made photo album, to a decorated candle.

At Christmas time there is a lot of inexpensive decorations that you can buy for almost nothing to use in your project. If you have zero skill or no time you can ask someone else to make something for you. Not as good but the second best choice and certainly better than a tie or a box of chocolate.

For sure the best gift you could give someone is the one nobody could have think of. Sometimes it comes easy you think of someone and you instantly get a great idea. If that happens don't hesitate and go buy that thing right away before you change your mind. Something else you could do, you could prepare a good meal and invite them for supper. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact it is always a good idea to entertain your friends with a good meal.

We should not forget that Christmas and the others festivities during the year  are all about the gift of love. And what greater proof of love and appreciation could you give someone then the gift of your skill.

If at any point the person that received the gift from you really felt that you went into an effort in your choice or with your time. Then you could say to yourself that you have succeeded in giving the perfect gift.

Now if you decide to go for an easy solution because you have no time or taste for the art of crafting. Here are some ideas that still imply that you've made some effort of selection.

A good bottle of  wine that you know is  good or that you've made some research on so you can comment on it would be good for a co-worker and who knows he might invite you to drink it with him. Another good gift for your coworkers’ is a gift card. They are easy to find, you can spend as much money as you want, and they are very democratic. Everybody is getting more or less the same thing. For members of your family just find out what they like. Everybody as something that they are interested in. it could be music, book, tool, gadgets, etc. you won't surprise them with that but at least you'll know that it will be useful.

Okay, let's say that this year your finance are not so great. The minimal thing you could do is give them a nice card with some thoughtful writing in it. Just make the effort of searching in your heart what you are really feeling for that person. In a strange way it could turn out to be the nicest thing you ever gave to someone.

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