Are you a craftswoman?

Are you a craftswoman? Your probably are if you are reading this page. But just to make Sure. Let me ask you. Would you define yourself as someone that has (through long years of practice) acquired certain skills.

Skills that enables you to create useful art objects out of raw material like : paper, wool, fabric, clay, wax, paint, wood, metal, glass, etc. skill’s that have become like a second nature to you. To a point where you don’t have to think about what you are doing anymore, it comes naturally.

Of course we all acquired skills through the course of our life. Those are necessary to function in our daily routine like personal hygiene, housekeeping, cooking everyday’s meals, and driving the car to do the grocery. But since everybody is expected to develop those to more or less the same degree of competence, they therefore lose their abilities to be seen as special.

What I am trying to do here. Is to define the true nature of a craftswoman. He’s she an artist or just someone who known’s how to make something with her hands?  Well I think and I am sure you’ll agree. That without that bunch of someone’s who knew how to build things. We’d probably still be living in trees eating with our finger.

When I look at something that someone as created, if I see I could have done the same thing. Then it is not art.

(That phrase that I have heard, put’s in my opinion, a new perspective on the questions “What is art?” and “what is an artist?”)

And it also leads me to conclude that in reality the craftswoman is also an artist.

A violin maker will know how to play the violin not as good as a concert violinist but good enough to judge the quality of his work… On the other end most violinists wouldn’t know how to build a violin. And that also mean that the craftswoman or the craftsman is a specialist that not only knows how to make something but also knows how to use it and do its maintenance. You can do this as a hobby or you may make a living out of it but that makes no difference you still need to have those special skills to be considered as a true craftsman.

Being a craftswoman or a craftsman is still an important thing in our industrial society and probably more than ever. We need more of those hand made object in our house to add a more natural feel to our more and more  cold and impersonal hi tech world.

So please all of you crafters of all trade out there keep using and teaching that wonderful gift of creation.

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